About North East Transportation

North East Transportation Company, Inc. (NET) provides convenient, safe, and reliable Public Bus and Paratransit services in the Greater Waterbury, Meriden, Wallingford Areas. The Company operates a fleet of 84 revenue vehicles and has 165 employees.

Company History

In the early 1920s, there were a number of independent jitney owners/operators in the city of Waterbury. In 1925, to survive in an era of increasing Governmental regulations and competition, the jitney owners decided to work together, and they formed North East Transportation Company, Inc. (NET)

During that same general time period, The Connecticut Company was the only major transportation company in Waterbury. Two smaller companies, the Cooke Street Line and the Waterbury & Milldale Tramway Co., (also called the Green Line), were also operating in addition to North East.

The Connecticut Company, having been wholly a street railway, was then converting to motor coaches and by 1937 all of the electric “trolleys” had been replaced by motor buses. The Connecticut Company’s franchise was taken over by the Connecticut Railway and Lighting Company (CR&L) in the mid-1930s and maintained service until 1973. At that time it surrendered its franchise, leaving NET as the sole provider of public bus transportation in Waterbury.

NET was instrumental in establishing a Public/Private partnership with the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) to provide mass bus transportation in Greater Waterbury. In the early seventies, public bus transportation in Waterbury was facing a major crossroad.  With several factories closing, businesses moving from the downtown area, and increasing automobile use, local private bus transit operators were unable to survive without financial assistance. In 1974, North East General Manager, Harry W. Filippone approached the Mayor of Waterbury seeking financial assistance, and a $40,000 grant was authorized by the City of Waterbury to keep NET operating. CTDOT realizing how important bus service was to the City of Waterbury matched the grant, and the foundation for this public/private partnership was established.

In 1980 and 1994 respectively, NET began to operate Fixed Route and ADA paratransit services in the Meriden and Wallingford areas. In July 2000, the Company began to operate ADA and Non-ADA paratransit services in Greater Waterbury as well as off-route /off-hour services under the City’s welfare-to-work program. Over the year’s many programs for expanded senior/disabled passengers began along with evening bus service in Waterbury and the Torrington/Waterbury Flyer. Beginning April 5, 2015, most services are now provided 365 days a year. The Company provides over 2.8 million trips annually.